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Materials & Techniques

Exemple de fabrication staff traditionnelleTRADITIONAL FIBROUS PLASTER:
Mixture of moulding plaster and plant fibres created by hand.
It is used primarily for traditionally crafted products.

Mixture of moulding plaster and fibre glass manufactured semiindustrially.
It is used for mid-sized sections (environ 2 m2).

Developed by Atelier Sedap 20 years ago, Velistrat® has undergone constant improvements and today is available in several basic forms  appropriate for the technical specificities of each room or construction.
Manufactured using industrial processes, it is composed of high technology plaster with added fibre glass and other additives.
Exemple d'utilisation du Velistrat atelier sedapIt has been tested at the CSTB, which has drawn up fire classification reports on the product.
It is specifically designed for large technical sections up to 6 m2.
It is lightweight and extremely durable, which facilitates installation.


your personal decorative or architectural unit and you want to have it built: cornices, round moldings, cassoons, vaults, columns, capitals, etc...
We have a long experience and proven know-how in customized production of all types of designs based on our original drawings.
Our design department and technical staff are at the disposal of architectural firms and building contractors for feasibility  tudies and price estimates for all one-of-a-kind designs.
Thanks to this custom-made service, we can provide a solution to every one’s dreams and expectations.

Exemples de fabrications sur mesure par atelier sedap

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Promotional Items in Plaster

Exemples d'objets promotionnels atelier sedapPROMOTIONAL ITEMS

Your wish to present your partners with a unique gift for a special occasion, or simply to extend your company’s line of promotional gifts.
Atelier Sedap can create original items designed to enhance your corporate image in your partner’s eyes.

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