atelier sedap - introduction

Atelier Sedap, a centenary company...For more than 40 years, atelier sedap gather successfully Past and Future :

    - from the past, the company developed an unparalleled expertise in both high quality molding and lighting,

    - from the future, atelier sedap select the most successful innovations.


Creativeness and R&D at atelier sedap open new possibilities for the use of plaster, and especially new solutions for recessed lighting.

The choice of plaster as a material is today, more than ever, a conscious will to develop environmentally-friendly production.
For centuries, the properties of plaster have been highlighted : hygrometric regulation, fire resistance, soundproofing.
It is now widely recognized as a harmless material according to health regulations and also environmentally-friendly.

Innocuous for health.Poudre de platre

Plaster is made from mineral gypsum and water.

It does not need glues, solvent or any product noxious to man.



A comprehensive environmental policy rules the plaster industry.
atelier sedap uses plaster from French quarries which are following environment regulations to the letter.

The complete range is manufactured by atelier sedap in France to create a unique offer.


Benoît BOHU