If you prefer to cover the plaster’s original white colour, a whole variety of finishes from the most simple to the most elaborate can be used.

Its entirely mineral composition makes plaster a universal base for practically all kinds of coating.

The main finishes you can use include:

  • Waxes and patinas - preserve the plaster’s natural look while adding the charm of passing time with sift, velvety shades.
    Also protect the plaster from attack by external elements and ageing.
  • Traditional and moderns paints - total cover to match your plasterwork to the existing shades of your interior.
    Plaster is also suited to the new lines of paint which provide spectacular surface effects.
  • Decorative finishes - plaster is an ideal base for creative finishes.
    By using pigments and fixatives, you can produce a variety of decorative effects such as false marble, or other material effects, particularly with rags or sponges.
  • Leaf gilding - a throwback to the ostentation of ancient decor.
    Can be used in little touches to enhance a particular detail.
    You can also play with the infinite modulation of gold, silver and coppers tones.