Atelier SEDAP presents its CIRCLES collection: a whole range of circular LED lighting to be prescribed in recessing, ceiling light, suspension, etc...

The CIRCLES collection by Atelier SEDAP, which brings together the entire range of circular LED lighting, both recessed, ceiling and pendant, is expanding with the new CIRCLE TECH:

  • direct and powerful lighting on a rigid circuit, with integrated diffusing screen
  • central disc in GRG, removable and magnetic, for easy access to the driver

Download the document CIRCLES 2021 by Atelier SEDAP.

Circle - Encastré LED circulaire Circle - Suspension LED circulaire
CIRCLE TECH by Atelier Sedap Circle Tech - Encastré LED circulaire
CIRCLE TECH by Atelier Sedap CIRCLE TECH plafonnier by Atelier SEDAP

Recessed in drywall, surface-mounted (ceiling/wall-mounted) or suspended, Atelier SEDAP’s CIRCLES are made of high-density plaster, in the Nantes region (France), and equipped with high-power LED lighting.
Of different dimensions (diameters from 20 cm to 200 cm), the CIRCLES can be installed like a plasterboard, on plasterboard rails with a standard finishing joint.
Recessed shapes to “draw” a powerful LED light in dry walls, the CIRCLES allow both perfect recessing and homogeneous light distribution.
Their easy installation on rails allows a perfect integration in the plasterboards.