ANIMALS - A new collection design by Didier CORNILLE

ANIMALS : a new collection of playful wall lights, signed by designer Didier CORNILLE.


In continuation of the existing KIDS collection, including other CHATS (ref.1810), NOUNOURS (ref.1814), NUAGE (re.3264), TORTUE (ref.3240) or LAPIN (ref.1813), Atelier SEDAP currently presents the family ANIMALS designed by Didier CORNILLE.

The KIDS collection by Atelier SEDAP is a range of high density plaster wall lights designed for early childhood amenities (nurseries, schools, hospitals, playrooms, etc.), but also for domestic use.

Download the SEDAP KIDS collection (20Mo)...

CAT, ref.3293, design Didier CORNILLE FOX, ref.3294, design Didier CORNILLE WOLF, ref.3295, design Didier CORNILLE TEDDY BEAR, ref.3296, design Didier CORNILLE
CAT - Ref.3293 FOX - Ref.3294 WOLF - Ref.3295 TEDDY BEAR - 3296

Children have always been delighted with the cat and the bear cub.
It was when the city was white.
Then the vegetation invaded it, and the fox and the wolf appeared.
But the four animals have become friends.
Today they envelop the children in their luminous stillness, and their eyes shine in the night.

Didier Cornille


Biography of Didier CORNILLE.

Didier Cornille is an artist designer specializing in the design of works of art and furniture.
He was a pupil of Claude Courtecuisse while studying at the Beaux-Arts in Lille, before integrating Decorative Arts in Paris to embark on a career as a designer.
All of his books have been published by Hélium-éditions: Mini Maxi, Bon voyage, All the houses are in nature, All skyscrapers are in nature, All bridges are in nature (Pépite du livre d'art 2014 du Montreuil Youth Book and Press Fair), Frank Gehry's glass vessel and La ville, what's new? in 2018.
At the same time, Didier Cornille teaches design at the Beaux-Arts in Le Mans.
He was first professor at the Fine Arts in Tunis before teaching at Le Mans and Tourcoing.
Today he lives and works in Paris where he continues to teach at ISAA Paris.

It is the deep desire to popularize architecture towards youth that will interest Atelier SEDAP in 1995, through its manager Benoît Bohu, in order to offer a collaboration to Didier Cornille.
The beginning of a great story between a designer and a company...